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Work boots in Australia are widely used in vast large and small industries tackling tough tasks and working in a rough environment. Some of these industries are Mining operations, Forestry, Factory jobs, farming, ranching, and lumberyard work.

Australians also use work boots for other outdoor activities like Hiking, camping, hunting, dirt biking, and other rough outdoor activities.

Buying the right work boots in Australia

Due to Australian strict Safety standards, there are a lot of features to look into when buying the right shoe for the specific job. Some of the top features to consider when buying work boots are; steel toe, high leg, zip side, lace up, waterproof, scuff and bump caps, non-safety, etc. At Kings Workwear We stock all types of work boots Top Quality stocking Best Brands.

Buying Top Quality Work boots with Best Brands in Australia

At Kings Workwear we stock Top Best quality Brads when it comes to buying work boots offering the Best price guaranteed in the market. The Brands we stock in are: Steel Blue, Oliver, Mongrel, Puma, Hard Yakka, Mack, Bison, New Balance, King Gee and many more. We stock Most of the top brands to give wide range of choose to our customers and make them happy.

Choosing the Best brands to offer enhanced safety features. Our top brand’s work boots mentioned above give you unbeatable comfort and style keeping your feet healthy & safe while protecting your feet from tired out, cramped up, and soaked in sweat.

Always think of these factors when buying work boots.

 The work is outdoor or indoor? What temperature and environment I will be wearing the boots? Each environment requires specific shoes e.g. waterproof for wet area, fireproof boots for firefighters, freezer boots for cold environment jobs, mining sites, warehouse and so on.

Choosing the right size and color is equally important always check our Fitting guides when purchasing the shoes online or do a trial if vising our local store in Perth. We deliver work boots Nationwide all over Australia offering free shipping.


Both Men and Women who work in tough jobs require top-quality footwear. No doubt Best boot manufacturers bring enhanced safety and comfort through top-notch quality and superior design. Visit our local store in Perth or shop online for your next pair of Work boots from Kings Workwear.

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